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See that you fulfill the ministry that you have received in the Lord.
Colossians 4:17

Sarah Family Ministries is a Christian Ministerial Training Center with the vision to equip the saints that they might fulfill the ministry which they have been given from the Lord. This equipping is achieved through various teaching and training efforts, monthly meetings, pastoral oversight, support and accountability. Sarah Family seeks to raise the standards for all Ministers of the Gospel to reach for and achieve, that each will be well-trained, well-groomed, professional, ethical and moral. Through the Ministerial Training at Sarah Family Ministries, ministers will be equipped, trained, credentialed and released to go into the world as soldiers in the army of the Lord, an army that goes forth and gets His kingdom work accomplished.

History of Sarah Family Ministries

The vision given to Diane Adams in 1982 was to teach, train and equip 'My Daughters.' Through the ministry of Sarah Family, Diane nurtured families and cared for women and their minor children with housing, clothing, godly counsel, and a host of services. In the process, some women received the Lord and were discipled. As women gained strength and became rooted and grounded in the Word, they became members in strong churches, sat under pastoral teachings, and when possible, they participated in various ministries of help. Most would be considered "workers" within the church or ministries; some would enter into leadership roles, but few were recognized as ministerial candidates--no matter how long or faithful their service.

In the mid-nineties, God broadened the vision and pushed out the tent stakes at Sarah Family Ministries. Many internal changes took place, including the establishment of a House of Prayer. Facilities for transitional housing for women with alcohol/drug histories became Grace Residence for women with distinct callings on their lives. The once paid staff was replaced by non-salaried ministers; the vacant office desks became start-up areas for new ministers.

Sarah became a ministry base that assisted women in answering the call to ministry. Training and mentorship was given on an individual basis. In late 1998, by the leading of the Lord, a class of 10 women participated in the first Ministerial Training for Women sessions. These pioneers gave new impetus for many women entering and growing in ministry. God was doing a new thing by bringing His Daughters together for His kingdom work.

In 2004, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Sarah Family Ministries began offering this training to men. It was "His Plan" and "His Timing!" The stakes of the 'family' pushed even further!

2010 found Sarah Family Ministries transitioning once again. Pastor Diane Adams went to be with Jesus and her heavenly reward in June of 2010. Pastor Carol Grabrian was elected by the Board of SFM to become the new leader of Sarah Family. Pastor Carol and her husband Michael were ordained at SFM in 2004 and have been on the Pastoral Staff of SFM since 2005. As Pastoral Staff, they assisted Pastor Diane with developing and implementing the current format of the Ministerial Training and Advanced Training. The vision of SFM continues equipping saints for the work of the ministry so that they might take heed to the ministry they have received in the Lord that they might fulfill it.

staff Pastors Michael and Carol Grabrian
staff Offices and Training Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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